Thorvald The Hunter tells the story of Thorvald – a 40-year-old Greenlandic man living in Blok 15, one of the countless concrete tower blocks in Nuuk built as part of the Danish government’s controversial ‘modernisation programme’ of Greenland.

Thorvald speaks fondly of his adventures hunting all across Greenland. Sadly, a serious back injury prevents Thorvald from being a hunter today. Thankfully, he’s found a solution: to satisfy his cravings, Thorvald regularly makes a trip to the Nuuk downtown supermarket where he ‘hunts’ for his own food.

Intimate and mischievous, Thorvald The Hunter provides a unique insight into life at the end of the world. 

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Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Thomas Renckens

© 2024  T w R
© 2024       T w R