Filmmaker Thomas Renckens returns to his native Friesland to cover the highly-publicised trial of Jenny Douwes and the 33 Frisians who blocked the high- way in November 2017, preventing a group of anti-Black Pete activists from being able to protest in Friesland.

Following Jenny before, during, and after the trial, the film provides a unique perspective on a woman that’s divided opinions across the country. Why did Jenny feel compelled to do what she did? How will things work out for her?
And what does the highway blockade say about racist attitudes in the Netherlands?

Jenny and The Highway Blockers provides an insightful, unexpected view into one of the most challenging issues facing the Netherlands today.

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Director/Cinematographer: Thomas Renckens
Editor: Jan Schroeder
Composer: Adam Speck
Sound Designer: Joao Fonte
Sound Recordist: Balint Csaki
Colourist: Michael Pearce

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© 2024       T w R