What if you’re addicted to your own fantasy? The Daydreamers takes a closer look at the phenomenon of ‘Maladaptive Daydreaming’ – a psychological term coined by Prof. Dr. Eli Somer, which is characterised by extensive fantasy activity, so much so that it replaces human interaction and impairs real-life functioning.

This is the first ever documentary to touch upon this largely unknown condition, which affects hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide. Protagonists Agatha and Jessica meet Eli Somer for the first time on-camera, sharing their experiences of living with maladaptive daydreaming with him.

Having never publicly talked about their condition, seeing their testimonies on camera provides a moving account of what it’s like to live a life cut off from reality.

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Director: Thomas Renckens
Producer: Said Englund
Cinematographer: Twan Peeters
Editor: Ed Coltman
Sound Designer: Yin Lee
Composer: Natalia Tsupryk
Colourist: Michael Pearce
Sound Recordist: Griff Miles
Production Manager: Vigdis Maack
Assistant Camera: Lou Macnamara & Romyn Sharma
Title Designer: Yon Matauko

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